Welding technology TIG, MAG, orbital, E-hand and robot welding

Machine list:

  • 5 TIG welding machines
  • 3 MAG welding machine
  • various other welding machines
  • infinitely variable welding turntables
  • our welders are tested and approved according to DIN EN 287-1

Our strengths lie above all in the professional TIG welding of high-alloy and high-temperature resistant stainless steels and special materials. In order to be able to carry out circumferential weld seams, e.g. on thermowells or flange pipes, these parts are welded in a special, infinitely variable rotary table.

Furthermore, we are able to weld almost any aluminum material with our equipment.

All welders have a valid welding certificate (welding pass) and are tested and approved according to the guidelines of EN 287 - 1.
Of course, our welding area is equipped with the necessary special accessories such as:

  • infinitely variable welding turntable
  • for professional welding in concentricity
  • Forming gas device
  • FE - Test equipment
  • Stainless steel pickling agent
  • Test stand for water pressure test, max. test pressure 600 bar
Machines: Data:
2 TIG-TIG welding machine Merkle 400 A, AC/DC
2 TIG-TIG welding machine L-Tec 400 A, DC
1 TIG-TIG welding machine Messer Griesheim 500 A, DC
2 Merkle MIG-MAG welding machine 400 A
1 MIG-MAG welding machine Cloos 300 A
2 Merkle electrode welding machines 400 A
1 Plasma cutting unit L-Tec 150 A (up to 30 mm sheet thickness)
5 welding rotary tables
2 container turning devices
Various forming gas equipment
1 test bench for internal water pressure testing up to max. 650 bar
1 FE test basin
1 X-ray film exposure unit
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