Special helical machine developed and designed by Schumacher Verfahrenstechnik for helical mixing of oversized helical mixing elements

Range of application for reversing elements with a nominal diameter of DN25 to DN200.
Due to the twisting and simultaneous "stretching" of the raw plates used, enormous tensile and axial forces occur which require an enormously torsion-resistant design and extremely heavy-duty special roller bearings.

Thanks to our specially developed electronic control system, we are able to produce any desired helix shape pitch in the highest quality. The "SVMW" helical elements from Schumacher Verfahrenstechnik fit the pipe walls with the utmost precision.
The self-braking clamping system designed by Schumacher ensures that the forces are absorbed evenly and prevents the element chains from constricting.

The special coiling machine is easily capable of coiling elements for pipes with a nominal diameter of DN200.
Due to the special design of the machine, sheets with a thickness of up to 5.00mm can be used, resulting in extremely robust and stable mixing elements.

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