Tests / Acceptances and approvals

We guarantee full traceability of all thermowells from our company by means of batch and serial numbers as well as drawing and article numbers.
Re-stamping certificates as well as documents on tests carried out and material certificates are part of our standard documentation.

We perform the following tests:

■ Hydrostatic pressure tests up to 1000 bar
Internal + external pressure testing
■ Ultrasonic testing (UT - testing)
■ PT(FE) testing (color penetration testing)
■ Magnetic particle testing (MT - testing)
■ Leak test (LT - test helium / leak test)
■ X-ray testing / radiographic testing
(RT- testing / X-Ray)
■ PMI (Positive Material Identifi cation) test.
(material mix-up test)
■ Visual testing / endoscopy (VT - testing)
■ Hardness test according to Brinell, Vickers or Rockwell

We have the following approvals:

QM system according to EN ISO 9001
■ Welding specialist company in accordance with EN 729-1
Pressure equipment approval according to PED AD 2000 HP0
Manufacturer approval according to DGRL Cat.: II - Module A2
Re-stamping authorization acc. to: EN 10204 3.1

You can obtain the following certificates from us:

■ WAZ EN 10204 3.1
■ WAZ EN 10204 3.2 (TÜV / Lloyds, LRS, Germanischer Lloyds etc.)
■ Restamping certificate
■ Compression test certificate acc. to EN
■ X-ray reports acc. to EN
■ Certificates according to NACE MR0175 etc.
■ Test certificates on all mentioned test methods
■ Certificates / documentation on

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